Stallion Springs is a unique and wonderful rural community. Consisting of 2,000+ home sites ranging from less than 1 acre to over 20 acres.  The current population of Stallion Springs is approximately 4,500; Residents live with nature and enjoy fresh mountain air, a safe and clean environment and the opportunities to participate in Stallion Springs numerous amenities.  The community church, designated park sites, horse trails, and the lake with picnic areas are just the beginning!  Stallion Springs includes a Community Center with a summer outdoor swimming pool! 

Woodward West is the place to be for skateboarders, in-liners, freestylers and gymnasts.  For camp information and updates keep an eye on their web site or call the business office at (661) 822-7900.

Although each property owner is a member of the homeowners association, Stallion Springs boasts NO ASSOCIATION FEES!  Stallions CC&R’s ensure quality development and apply to all landowners.  You are encouraged to read the CC&R’s prior to purchasing property.

The Community Service District operates under an elected five-member board.  Revenue to operate the district is derived from property taxes, water bills (billed bi-monthly), solid waste bills (from the lots connected to the sewer), road assessment and miscellaneous charges.  the CSD manager and her staff oversee the above operations, approve building plans and address ECC issues.  Please contact the CSD office (661) 822-3268 for information on CC&R's, available utilities and applicable connection fees.  Visit their web site at

Police, paramedics and fire department services are provided for the community.

Enjoy an active life within the community or relax in the absolute beauty that is Stallion Springs!