Rental properties available as of 03/30/24.    Please check back frequently and view the rental requirements below.

29443 Pinedale Dr You must see this Bear valley Springs home to appreciate the amazing remodel and updates. This home includes all new flooring and baseboards, new window coverings, built-in bedroom storage, interior and exterior paint, r

emodeled kitchen and bathrooms, new kitchen appliances including a new refrigerator, new washer/dryer and a new living room TV too! Even the spacious detached garage is transformed. NO Pets and NO smoking please. The backyard has a lovely new covered patio and provides sensational views of the valley and mountain. $325 monthly CSD included with rent. Tenant(s) pay any/all over this amount for water/trash/sewer. $2525.00 per month plus $2950 deposit  avail. now.  May be held for up to 2 weeks

Homeowners, I have qualified tenants wanting nice rental homes in Bear Valley Springs.  Please call BVS Properties to inquire about management services.  Proudly serving Bear Valley Springs as the #1 property manager since 1987!


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Owners may allow or disallow pets and smoking.  An additional $300.00 minimum deposit is required for any/all approved pets. Tenants are responsible for their own personal property insurance and will provide BVS Properties a copy of their policy.  Personal liability insurance is required for all horses.  Deposits may be up to (2) month’s rent if unfurnished and up to (3) month’s rent if furnished. Minimum required monthly income is (3) times gross of the monthly rental amount. A FICO score of 685 with verifiable income and length of employment for a minimum of 6 months.  Applications can/will be denied with any judgements, evictions, non-verifiable income, length of employment or too high debt to income ratio. All occupants over 18 years of age must complete an application for approval.  Any/all information assembled & disseminated by sellers, landlords and BVS Properties concerning the above properties was obtained from what are believed to be reliable sources. A signed lease agreement and receipt of funds are required to secure the rental. No representation or warranty, either expressed or implied is given and some terms and conditions may change per property owner and property.  Tenants are advised to conduct their investigation as to every aspect of the property.  In the case of a price error the correct or revised price will apply.  BVS Properties has the right to offer the property to the most qualified applicant(s) regardless of the order of applications received.